New Format

New Format

Since the last Weekend we are allowed to use Fate Collide (FCO) in tournaments.

This means that the XY-GEN results will be moved by the 3.06.16 to old fomats. We already moved the Expanded Results and updated the recent Results page with the Arena Cup Brunswick.

If you are interested in the XY-FCO Meta Game (which is not going to be the World Championships Format, because of a sudden mid-season rule change) check out the live streams for Danish and Italian National Championships.

Danish Nationals will be streamed by Dream Stream Team Denmark (04/05)

Italian Nationals will be streamed by PokemonTCG EU (11/12)

2 thoughts on “New Format

  1. Says here that XY-FCO will be the worlds format but wasn’t it confirmed that Steam Siege will be legal for worlds?

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